Recognised Domain Expertise

Napier Meridian has been at the forefront of national capability development since 2005. The Company continues to make significant contributions to an expanding field of market sectors through market leading business analysis, innovation and thought leadership.

'Needs' and not 'Wants'

Napier Meridian uses established evidence-based business analysis techniques and management practices to continually adapt its approach to the meet the challenging knowledge management requirements of present day economic development. Napier Meridian integrates class leading requirements capture processes, such as Design for Six Sigma, Quality-Function-Deploy and Failure Modes Effect Analysis into its business analysis, focusing on client 'needs' and not 'wants', and has a proven approach to stakeholder engagement in complex, critical and high value capability development programmes.

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Our Approach

Napier Meridian has a proven doctrine that is aimed at obtaining strategic levels of benefit from any capability development programme:

  • The importance of developing, committing to and fostering long term relationships between all stakeholders involved in the development of capability
  • The need for clarity in strategic Vision, and the willingness of clients to become part of higher, national level, policy development
  • The identification of relatively stable, coherent and adequately funded capability programmes which provide the reassurance needed to conduct strategic business planning
  • The requirement for programmes to have fixed and identifiable milestones which match investment resources to business benefits realisation
  • The appropriate sharing of risk where innovation is encouraged, and where superior performance is duly recognised
  • An understanding of the cultures and behaviours of stakeholders, and their long term agendas