Associate Experts

Napier Meridian manages a broad range of Associate experts each with an established track record of large-scale change management at government Department and boardroom level. All are selected for their surefootedness in domains that have enduring and complex policy issues, and also their ability to articulate programme risk via the need to create competitive advantage through innovation and business agility. Subject matters include, but are not restricted to, information and communications technology including cloud computing, law enforcement, national security and defence (including cyber security), maritime matters including law enforcement and search & rescue, space, aviation, life sciences, and the environment.

Business Alignment

Napier Meridian's standard practice is for Associates to become fully a part of the team in which they operate, aligning with, and representing, the full spectrum of clients' culture and business values. They are known for always acting with the complete integrity expected of individuals of standing in their respective sectors, and characteristically become valued sources of trusted opinion at the highest levels of an organisation's executive team.